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Food was cold and looked like it had been dropped before getting to me, it tasted ok and the milkshake was ace

Sarah, 20 Jun 2021


Food more than 30 minutes late. When I rang to chase order I was informed it was out for delivery but no apology was given. Food was good when it eventually arrived!!

Ricki, 17 Jun 2021

  Reply : Apologies for this and we are working on ways to fasten our delivery turnaround as the business has gotten twice as busy over the past few months. I will find out who you spoke to and make sure they do not act in this manor again. Im glad you enjoyed your food from Fatboys :)

Hi, tonight we ordered food and it wasn't edible! We've ordered a few times with you and it's always lovely but tonight sorry to say was absolutely disgusting and I'm now cooking us tea. I would appreciate a full refund.

Lucy, 13 Jun 2021


Stacy, 13 Jun 2021

  Reply : Thank you :)


Stacy, 13 Jun 2021


Stacy, 13 Jun 2021

Waited an hour and a half for fish and chips mid week? No urgency or responsibility being taken from the staff. Absolutely ridiculous.

Sophie , 09 Jun 2021

  Reply : Apologies for this we have become twice as busy over the past few months. We are working on our delivery turnaround and management are now working on a new plan to ensure this does not continue. Once again apologies and I hope you continue to enjoy your food from Fat Boys.


Food is always great, never have an issue with the quality, but they never seem to be able to deliver on time, would totally recommend the food, but order early so that you dont end up eating too late!

Jonathan, 01 Jun 2021

  Reply : Apologies for this we have become very busy over the past few months and working on a better turnaround to get food to our customers. You should hopefully not experience this again as management are keeping a close eye.

Best place in Barry

Arthur, 31 May 2021

  Reply : Thank you Arthur :)


Terrible waited 2 hours for food, was cold didn’t even eat half of it. Was dreadful, felt robbed.

Conrad, 30 May 2021

Why have you changed your tartar sauce? It used to be amazing last weeks was horrible!!!

Jane, 28 May 2021

Had delivery yesterday evening and the food was delicious. The fish was delicious and the batter was lovely and crisp. The Chips were lovely (no blemishes of any kind). We had orders for four people and there wasn’t complaints from anyone. Delivery was very good. Will definitely order from you again.

Jen, 28 May 2021


Store closed over an hour ago and food has still not arrived, pretty gutted as never has this issue before and we paid by card

Jessica, 26 May 2021

The past couple of orders have been really disappointing due to the length of delivery time. The countdown with delivery times on the website is not correct and very misleading.

Lisa, 26 May 2021


Usually a 5 star rating from us however today's order was wrong, had a small chips instead of a large & the wrong curry sauce, chips were loosely warm & the batter on the fish was soggy as opposed to it's usual crisp. Didn't recognise staff so this may have been the issue & hopefully a one off as Fat Boys is the best chippy in Barry.

Christopher, 26 May 2021

delivery was nearly 40 mins late phoned after 20 mins was told it would be another 10 mins but was actually 20 mins please be honest with delivery times

Gareth, 25 May 2021

So very disappointed with our order which arrived nearly TWO HOURS after ordering last night; around an hour after indicated on the indicated delivery time. It's really not ok to leve customers waiting this long; it would be better business practice to let customers know that there is a two-hour wait, if that is the case. It's a real shame to let the business and customers down this way; and this is unfortunately the third time that this has happened; so clearly an ongoing issue.

Vivien, 23 May 2021


Delivery was slow, but they were busy so it's understandable. Worth the wait, cracking food and milkshake - delivery guy was polite and explained the delay!

Rachel, 22 May 2021

Ordered at 5.28pm; delivery took nearly TWO HOURS. It's just arrived. Unbelievable and won't be ordering again.

Vivien, 22 May 2021

Really great service and the food was amazing

Toni, 21 May 2021

Absolutely amazing best fish and chips ever

Kerry, 21 May 2021


Stacy, 15 May 2021


Laura, 13 May 2021

Lovely food thank you

Carly, 12 May 2021

Fabulous Fish and Chips Meal deal. Ordered online and it was a simple and effective process. Excellent.

Kevin, 12 May 2021

Delicious fish meal

Sheree, 11 May 2021